Jan 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

There is this site I just found called Organizing Junkie and every Monday you can link up your weekly Menu. I always have a menu planned out, because I go to the grocery store about every two weeks and If I don't plan around two weeks of meals, then I end up buying NOTHING good and we eat cereal and fast food everynight. So I have a cute little chalkboard in my kitchen (remember that upcylcled old clock that said LOVE? ) I use that as my weekly menu board that I write all my dinner items for the next two weeks. I never actually sit down and decide what days to do them on though, so I thought maybe this week I will give it a shot. Plus then I can share with you what I am going to make, and if it turns out good, then I will share with you the recipe. And maybe this will inspire others to make weekly menus. They are so helpful.

So here it goes...

Monday:  Tonight I am making Pork Chile Verde Burritos. My dad's family used to make this all the time and I loved it, I tried making their recipe once when I was in college, but I failed at it, so I am trying again. Cause I love this dish. If it works, I will share it tomorrow...

Tuesday: Left overs. With just the two of us we usually have left overs when I make a big meal like that. I know some people hate left overs, but I grew up on them.

Wednesday:  Sloppy Joe's. Basically I just get a can of 'Manwich' and use that. I don't really like homemade sloppy joes and wouldn't eat them when I was a kid until my mom started using the canned stuff. I am such a weirdo.

Thursday: French Dip Sandwiches. As Au Jus, I use a can of Lipton Onion soup mix, it works perfectly.

Friday:  Yeah I probably won't cook this night. Date night or something out to eat sounds perfect!

Saturday:  Ravioli. I should someday try to make homemade ravioli, but in the meantime, I buy a bag of the frozen stuff at walmart and pour a can of meat sauce over, heat and serve. I have to buy the beef filled ones, cause as you know, me and cheese are not friends, ick!

Sunday:  I always plan something for Sunday nights but then we always end up visiting family, or I am just tired from teaching primary (church classes for little children in our church) that I don't feel like making anything, so we will probably go to someone's house and eat dinner or I will make pancakes for dinner or something.

Hmm.. Just realized most of my meals are red meat... Weird, the last two weeks I made only chicken recipes... But next week I do have mostly chicken recipes planned again.

So go plan out your recipes and come back and tell me what your making. I always need ideas.


Chanin said...

I try to cook simple meals too usually! Check out my blog to see what I'm making this week! :) www.chaninscorner.blogspot.com! I'm a new follower!

Mitch and Linsey said...

I am NO COOK at all. Mitch deserves a warm cooked meal every night. But I am just not big on the cooking thing. He's such a sweetheart and sometimes will make dinner for ME. But, when I do cook, it's usually just cooking pork chops with worchestershire (sp?) sauce, another seasoning and salt/pepper. It's only like 375 for 8 minutes on each side so it's nice, simple and fast! I usually will add like "fake church potatos" haha and some corn :) YAY! that's my extent of cooking.

Ashley said...

ohhh my gosh. i need to be meal organized like this... i don't think i could ever do it! thanks for the inspiration girl!

cablummer said...

Stuffed bellpeppers, navy bean soup are my favorite