Jan 1, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

I have loved this year. It has been a wonderful year. But I have a ton of things planned for 2011 so I am excited to move on. 

But for 2010 many things happened. 

In January my family moved out of state. I grew up in Utah, I have never lived outside the state and neither had my parents but when my dad was out of work for a long time in 2009 he couldn't pass up a great job offer, even if it was in New Mexico... So off they went. That was a huge adjustment for me, but honestly they visit a ton and its only ten hours away. But still, New Mexico?? I used to forget that state was even there, and Its the state right under mine. I bet the rest of the U.S. doesn't know it even exists. You never hear anything about that state. But maybe that is what people say about Utah too...

My family.
{Jeremy, Me, sister, mom, Dad, Brother}

In March we visited my family in New Mexico. Its a pretty place. They have a ton of haunted churches. All of which were closed before I could explore. And there are many, many Native American casinos there for your enjoyment. Not that I was old enough to gamble at the time.... 

The hubs and I in N.M.  This is the oldest building in the U.S. {Crazy}
This is outside a haunted church in N.M.

On May 2nd the hubs and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We went to a fancy little B & B and I got to go shopping! It was a lovely time.

In July I turned 21! Whoot Whoot. 
Yes, I am young, don't judge. 
{I am blowing out the candles, that is why my face looks weird. And its brownies, I'm not a huge cake person}

I briefly got addicted to game shows and tried to get on this one...
{Me and my sis-in law, Sam}
I entered us online to be contestants but they are mean and never called. Jerks.

I saw this beautiful man in concert with my lovely friend Addison. 
Oh Tim McGraw, you are a hunk. But I am not a fan of your newer music, I stick to your old stuff.
We got free tickets and we were on the eighth row. We could touched the stage before the concert. 
{Touching the stage}

In August I started this blog! And I have loved it. 

In October we went and stayed in Park City, UT for a night. 

This movie came out!!

My hubs, Jeremy has completed two semesters of school. One more year to go until he is an accountant!! 

I made four scrapbooks this year! Holy cow I am a scrapbooking maniac. Basically I just get bored while I work and I can scrapbook while working, so its a good way to pass the time. 

{scrapbook page, do you like my pink xbox controller in the background?}

Last night for New Years we went to my aunt's and played two games of clue and then after midnight I came home and went to bed. I don't stay up past midnight very often, its too late! 

More pics from 2010
{Jeremy with his brother}

{Cooking Chinese food}

{Dressed up as a PAC-MAN board for Halloween}

Witches night out!

We went to Lagoon (a amusement park in Utah-- the only one here) twice this year. This is us with Jeremy's family.

The hubs and I
And yes, I do kind of wear that shirt alot. At least when I am in pics it looks like I do... 
In my defense it is a comfy shirt and I can wear it with leggings, which are the clothes of the gods!


These Are The Days said...

Well done Vanessa, loved it. I didn't know your parents moved to New Mexico. Does it really only take 10 hours to get there? It's right next to AZ you know!?! :) So I liked hearing your take on everything, I think it will be fun to watch your blog over the next year. Guess what? I am going to Blissdom in Nashville next month. Crazy, it's out of my comfort zone but it will be fun to meet my blog friends in real life. Ladies I've been chatting with since Feb of 2008. I'll let you know how it goes.

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

Yeah they moved to New Mexico, my dad has been there since october 2008, and the rest of my fam moved there last February. But yeah its a ten hour drive. Haha yeah maybe we will have to swing by Arizona sometime, except where they live in NM is on the exact opposite side of arizona...
What that is so awesome you made all those friends, that will be so much fun. Yeah def. let me know how it goes.